Who we are

At Dr. Cover, we apply various sciences and technologies into the medical equipments’ market we know, and manufacture products with better results than in the market today. With several automatic in-house units, our production reaps in over the top quantity and awardable quality. The world is ever-changing and we hope to contribute as much as we can in keeping that going. Your safety is always our first and foremost priority, but that doesn’t mean you will have to compromise on the comfort you deserve. Our team of qualified and experienced researchers and designers keep indulging with what problems you can ever face. In other words, before you ever have a chance of finding a problem, we have already fixed it.

Our Certifications

All of our products have been tested and certified with Indian and International Standards. So you can rest assured that you are truly safe. Some of these include:

DRDE Approved

SITRA Approved

ISO 9001

ISO 16603

ISO 13485

ISO 22609

NIOSH Standards

IS 9473

EN 149 Standards

OHSAS 18001

CE Certified Company


ISI Approved

Our Vision | Redefining Healthcare Safety

The world is ever-changing, but we strive to keep it only for the better. Our vision is to keep up the pioneering tradition by redefining technology in the medical equipment industry.

Our Mission | A Better Place For Everyone

We want everyone to be able to afford proper healthcare and safety for themselves, while we assure to keep you satisfied from our part by comfort and safety.

Our Products

Dr. Cover stretches a fine line between the quality and pricing of your products. Health and safety is always both yours and ours, first and foremost priority; but they shouldn’t empty your pockets.
So we have found multiple ways of providing you the quality of the most crucial features in your equipments, whilst also being competitive with the best prices in the market.

Personal Protective Equipment

Our collections of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are designed with more effort than any of our regular products, especially for the pandemic. These products specialise in filtering out bacterias, toxins, and viruses, along with regular filters of pollens and dust. For further protection safety, we sterilise each and every of our products with inhouse automatic UV Light Sterilisation machines before packaging, which ensures that no bacterias, viruses, toxins, and infected materials contact with the equipment you buy. Our PPE is made with automated units and machines just like any of our medical equipment.